Gold Binary Robot
Frequently asked questions

How does the robot work?

Our binary option bot required months of development. It can analyze stock markets in real time as well as the new economies. The biggest task was to manage the robot’s decision-making. To do this, we let the software run for 2 months in order to refine the calculation and decision-making algorithms. These same methods are used in the banking and financial sectors by the biggest institutions. Gold Binary Robot, our binary option robot, is therefore now able to do the work of not one, but 6 traders simultaneously.

How can I start trading?

We’ve written a tutorial to explain how to start trading step by step. You can find it here: Your first steps with Gold Binary Robot

How do I withdraw my gains?

If you want to withdraw your gains and get them deposited directly in your bank account, nothing could be simpler. In the Gold Binary Robot platform, just click the tab "ACCOUNT". You’ll be taken to the “My Account” section directly on the broker’s page dedicated to withdrawing funds. Fill in the withdrawal form and the transfer will be performed by the binary option broker.

Why are you giving away a money-making robot?

This question comes up a lot, and the answer resides in our long-term vision and our philosophy. Indeed, robots that really work cost an astronomical sum. Those that are free on the internet often don’t work! Our works and is free, but why?

Our main desire was to make automatic trading available to anyone without having any prior knowledge in the matter. Since the beginning, we had in mind to distribute this concentrated technology for free. But we still needed a way to make a profit from the time spent on developing it and still make money. We didn’t want to make money off of our clients, so we negotiated with the broker so that it would be the one paying us. You many already know, but the broker makes commissions every time a trade is made on its platform. And finally, thanks to the success of our robot and the popularity it has caused, the binary option broke agreed to share its commission with us. This is how we’re able to make a profit from our servers, which run day and night to serve you. All of this lets us offer a very powerful product without charging you a cent. We’re the only ones who have had success with this system!

How can I get reimbursed for my first deposit with the broker?

It’s very easy. We have negotiated with the broker to get a welcome bonus for our members. Thus, no matter the amount you deposit first, the same amount will be credited to your account in addition to your deposit. Example: you deposit €400, you’ll get €800 in your trading account. To get it, you just need to contact the broker’s client service in the “ “ section to request your 100% welcome bonus. They’ll verify that you are indeed a Gold Binary Robot member and credit your account at the same time.


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